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We have partnered with these founders from inception of their businesses, guiding them through the process of building MVP, launching, and scaling their ventures.

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Working with technical and non-technical founders

Centerpoint Solutions

How Centerpoint grew to manage 500 commercial construction projects per month in 12 mo...

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Learn how Zest used Trustshoring services to scale their business!

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Learn how Blooksy moved from concept to prototype and, in 2 months, validated their pr...

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Explore how Agency 360 scaled its business using the expertise of highly skilled devel...

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How Workclub found a team to build MVP in six months. The team completed the design an...

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Humboldt University

How Humboldt University outsourced a highly specialized tech team in 2 weeks. If you ...

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Intermate influencer agency

How Intermate influencer agency outperformed its competition by building an inhouse c...

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NewDirections is a platform that connects senior housing and care providers with senio...

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How Castos attracted enterprise clients by developing a mobile app

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Blue Dot Capitals

Learn how Non-Technical Co-Founder Successfully Builds MVP for Investment App

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Stock Timing Tech

How Stock Timing Tech Overcome Technical Hurdles and Launched their App in 6 Months

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How SymphonyOS built a dynamic app that helps artists bring their entire marketing flo...

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