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Learn how Zest was able to leverage our diverse network of developers to scale their business!


Idan Yalovich

Co-Founder at Zest

"They helped us fire up and forget most of the engineering tasks. Because of their self-sufficient decision making, the product team could focus on building a roadmap, interviewing customers and solving core tasks rather than validating engineering tasks."

About Zest

Zest is an information enablement tool that helps employees to search across any data repository. Powered by AI-driven search, it helps predict the most applicable items users need to complete their objectives.

Zest easily integrates with information platforms such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, Zendesk, and more; providing zero data migration time, results, and ROI from day one, and minimum organizational friction.

Zest’s AI-driven search leverages NLP to create an on-demand, graph database that provides a ‘neural network-like’ mirror of the knowledge within an enterprise.

The company was founded in 2017 in Tel Aviv as a bootstrapped company by Idan Yalovich, Yam Regev, and Tomer Lerner. It quickly grew its customer base and was acquired by an Israeli-American leader in digital adoption, WalkMe, in April 2021.


  • The development partnership ended up being a massive success, Zest was able to launch a product that was fast and responsive at launch and keep making iterations as needed. The leadership team at Zest could now comfortably focus on strategic tasks, finding investors, and growing the company to the climax of acquisition.
  • WalkMe announced that it had acquired Zest in April 2021. Zest’s core product, boosted by the outsourced development team evolved into Workstation, which is not a flagship product of WalkMe.
  • The development team we matched Zest with was able to stay on even after the acquisition, which is a testament to their ability, something we are really proud of!

Listen to how Zest moved from funding to exit! From pivots, flexible engineering, B2C marketing, and more!

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Lack of Expertise

Zest needed a development team with proficient Android developers who could work within their system and culture.


Pre-vetted software developers

We were able to find a highly skilled and experienced development team from Ukraine to take their product to the next level.

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Pre-vetted development team

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Matthew Molter

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Victor Purolnik

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Author, speaker, and podcast host with 10 years of experience building and managing remote product teams. Graduated in computer science and engineering management. Has helped over 300 startups and scaleups launch, raise, scale, and exit.

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