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Tech teams

Everything You Need to Know About Developer Recruitment

Episode 71
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Tech teams

What Makes a Job Attractive to a Software Engineer?

Episode 70
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How to Hire a CTO or CPO for a SAAS Without Breaking the Bank

Episode 69
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Are You Making It Hard for Developers to Work With You?

Episode 68
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SaaS Security

Essential SaaS Security: The 2 Pillars of Protecting Your Business

Episode 67
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Moving Your MVP to the Next Stage of Growth

Episode 66
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Product Management

What Makes Software Development Expensive and Unpredictable?

Episode 65
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Software Development

The 6 Characteristics of High Performing Development Teams

Episode 64

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“One of the best presentations I’ve seen in this subject”

Simeon Quarrie
Entrepreneur and Founder of VIVIDA

“Thanks Victor! Great presentation. You’ve given me the confidence to move forward with a concierge mvp using just the no code tools I’m already familiar with. Looking forward to proving my concept so that I can reciprocate the value you’ve provided”

Stanley Cieslak
Property and Risk Management
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