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Learn how Symphony built a dynamic, AI-powered app that helps artists bring their entire marketing flow to one place.

Megh Vakharia

Co-Founder at Symphony

"Without Trustshoring, this would have taken a much longer process from going to an idea to the development of a functional product to launch. The engineers they gave us were pre-vetted, so we had the peace of mind knowing we’ve got an experienced team."

About Symphony

Symphony is a company that helps artists and creatives take advantage of digital tools to grow and connect with their fan base. The company was started by Co-Founders Megh Vakharia and Chuka Chase who started an LA-based agency in 2016 that was focused on helping well-known artists with their websites and digital rollouts. The company was called Integral Studio.

Symphony has been fortunate enough to work with everyone from 21 Savage, Future, 88Rising, and Chance the Rapper – and learned from every campaign how to best use marketing to grow a fanbase.

When Megh and the team at Symphony came to us, they wanted to build four different apps in one ecosystem, including tools to run ads and collect fan information. The software needed to be fast, interactive, and efficient to allow artists to seamlessly access information about their fan base, its growth, and how to reach them better.

In 2022, Symphony released v1 to the world, the first marketing platform built specifically for the next million independent artists. Symphony’s goal is to bring together various tools to help artists understand their fan base, grow their fan base, and connect more deeply with their fans.

In 2023, Symphony announced that it had closed a $1 million pre-seed fundraising round from strategic investors from the music and tech sectors.


  • As of 2023, The platform has processed upwards of $350,000 worth of marketing budget, with artist spending growing 30% every month.
  • The app today has been able to integrate the power of AI offering artists more efficient ways to measure their growth and performance. The AI automatically tracks artists’ fan bases and content across every platform to deliver insights and suggest marketing and fan engagement tactics.
  • Since launching their beta which was in May 2022, Symphony now has over 5,000 artists using our platform.
  • In August of 2023, Symphony announced that it had raised $1 million in a pre-seed funding round.



Lack of experience

Symphony had worked with other software engineering teams but they needed a more experienced team to build an app with multiple functionalities.


Pre-vetted software developers

We matched Symphony with a team that had the skill to build an app that would allow artists to measure, track, and engage with their fanbase all in one robust tool.

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Symphony features

Automated marketing

Symphony’s marketing automation platform is geared toward streamlining your fan base growth and is trained over 125 million fans.

Deeper fanbase insights

Understand how and why your fanbase is growing with AI-powered tracking technology.

Reach your fans directly

Engage with your fans directly with Symphony’s fanbase tool.

The Services we provided for Symphony


Product consulting


Pre-vetted development team

Create a free plan for growth

Speak to Victor and walk out with a free assessment of your current development setup, and a roadmap to build an efficient, scalable development team and product.

“Victor has been great. Very responsive and understanding and really knows his stuff. He can go the extra mile by tapping into his prior experiences to help your company out. Really enjoyed working with him.”

Matthew Molter

Founder of Agency360

Victor Purolnik

Trustshoring Founder

Author, speaker, and podcast host with 10 years of experience building and managing remote product teams. Graduated in computer science and engineering management. Has helped over 300 startups and scaleups launch, raise, scale, and exit.

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