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Learn how NewDirections built a platform that connects senior housing and care providers with senior adults!


Michael Bertrand

Founder at NewDirections

"After the clickable prototype was built, and I put it in front of people, I realized that they needed to see more functionality from the platform. This is where Trustshoring came in, they helped me understand the gap that I needed to fill, and the development team I needed to build an MVP that could demonstrate the functionality needed to start getting feedback."

About NewDirections

NewDirections was built to be an unbiased, automated engagement platform to simplify the search process for senior housing and care.

The platform will target senior adults aged 65 and older as well as their adult children. The company was founded by Michael Bertrand, who has over 30 years of experience as a consultant in senior living real estate. The company is based in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Michael was very clear about the businesses he wanted to build, he wanted a marketplace that provided a better, simpler way to connect providers to senior adults and their families. This platform cuts the middleman out and provides a cost-effective option for senior adults and their family members.

He was also a founder without a technical background, most of his experience was in real estate so he needed someone to guide him in the development and technological aspect of this project.


  • NewDirections was able to launch a product and go to market very quickly without spending its entire budget on software development



Lack of expertise

In the beginning, Michael had hired a developer from Upwork who created a clickable prototype. However, to demonstrate more functionality, Michael and the team at NewDirections needed a better MVP.


Pre-vetted development team

We matched NewDirections to a product advisor who first identified the gaps that they needed to fill and then matched them to a development agency that had the experience and skill to build the app they needed.

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The Services we provided for NewDirections


Product consulting


Pre-vetted development team

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Matthew Molter

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