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Humboldt University

Learn how Humboldt University built an e-learning application to help them create an immersive learning experience.

Humboldt University

About Humboldt University

Humboldt University (University of Berlin) is a public university in Berlin, Germany. Established in 1810, the university attracted scientists such as Albert Einstein, Emil Fischer, Max Planck, and Fritz Haberthe to perform their scientific investigations there. Ranked as one of the best universities in Germany, its academic units attract international students worldwide.

The university’s goal was to build an e-learning platform that would keep both lectures and students engaged and in sync, by providing all the necessary information about course progress, lectures, and course work, facilitating communication between the lecturers and their students. The app also needed to have the ability for lecturers and students to exchange learning materials.


  • Humboldt was able to meet and begin the development work with the new development team after just 2 weeks.
  • The new software allowed for much better learning experiences and flexibility with learning progress all being monitored on one platform



Lack of expertise

Having had a bad experience working with freelancers, the team at the university was keen to hire skilled, experienced, and proactive developers. Someone who would take ownership of the project and maintain good communication with the team at the university. They needed both speed and clarity.


Pre-vetted development team

Because of the different skills needed to build the type of platform they needed, we matched the university with a team that had the senior leadership and skills needed to build such an app. There was a clear roadmap in place so the university always knew what was being built, why, and how long it would take.

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