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How CloseBot was able to leverage seasoned tech advisory, to streamline their development process and build a more scalable version of their software

Bryce DeCora

Founder of

"Had it just been me, I'd probably still be going through interviews trying to find the right developers without even knowing what I should be looking out for in terms of a good developer."

About CloseBot is an app that helps you fully unleash and control your lead qualification process. Powered by a very unique Objective Builder, the app allows for control, accuracy, and affordability, giving the ability to dynamically generate prompts, reducing AI distractions. With CloseBot, you can experience efficiency like never before, all at a lower cost per message.

When Bryce and the team at CloseBot came to us, they were having problems with their application – A lot of bugs were popping up, a subsequent high number of support tickets, Uptime/load time issues, and high churn.

They needed to build a more scalable solution and get the development team working efficiently with a clear direction on what to build, how and why.


  • By having the necessary technical advisory in place overseeing the current development team at Closebot, there’s been a clear and well-defined product roadmap – defining what is being done, why, and by whom.
  • We’ve streamlined the product development process and created a concept for a much more scalable V2 of Closebot.
  • Technical improvements on the V2 include – moving the architecture from a complex serverless setup to a well-tested containerized application as well as Infrastructure-as-code for all cloud resources for one-click, reproducible deployments.



Bugs and Downtime

The application had a high number of bugs, and increased downtime all of which were contributing to an increased number of support tickets.

Lack of Proper Documentation

CloseBot V1 was developed without much of a clear roadmap or documentation in place. While being successful and allowing the closebot team to validate their idea and start getting users in, the cracks started to appear as the user base started to increase.


Scalable Software

Our goal was to help CloseBot get to a more scalable V2 that would allow the app to handle more users without having any downtime.

Clear Documentation and Leadership

We were able to provide the team at CloseBot with the missing tech advisory in the form of a Fractional CTO, who would help streamline the entire product development process. This ensures that features are being built with the user in mind, helping reduce churn.

We Make Your MVP’s Budget, Timeline, and Developers Stick to Plan

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The Services we provided for CloseBot


Technical Consulting

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Speak to Victor and walk out with a free assessment of your current development setup, and a roadmap to build an efficient, scalable development team and product.

“Victor has been great. Very responsive and understanding and really knows his stuff. He can go the extra mile by tapping into his prior experiences to help your company out. Really enjoyed working with him.”

Matthew Molter

Founder of Agency360

Victor Purolnik

Trustshoring Founder

Author, speaker, and podcast host with 10 years of experience building and managing remote product teams. Graduated in computer science and engineering management. Has helped over 300 startups and scaleups launch, raise, scale, and exit.

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