The right tech team abroad needs to tick a lot of boxes.

It's incredibly hard to find teams who deliver excellent results while being easy to work with. Any team recommended by me is personally vetted and fulfills the following requirements:

Tried & Trusted

I have either worked with your team or know those who do personally and can assure the experience is excellent.

Fun to Work With

Your team consists of great communicators passionate about your project who love to get to know you in person, too!

Direct Communication

Your team won't be shielded from you by the project manager. Get to know and actively engage all of them!

Fluent English

Your team speaks fluent English. Yes, everybody! Not just the project manager.

Overlap in Working Hours

Having to wait a day for any small task kills productivity. Thus I ensure your team has at least 3h overlap in working hours.

European Jurisdiction

You can feel safe with your data, company secrets and money. Every company is registered within the EU and issues invoices.

NDAs & Contracts

Your team signs NDAs and has a contract ready to protect your rights.

Doesn't Break the Bank

Your team charges a fair rate which enables them to hire exceptional talent while saving you lots of money.

Experienced Staff

No hidden juniors, just well-rehearsed teams of experienced professionals who have an above-average skillset.


Victor Purolnik


An Outsourcing Veteran

I spent the last five years figuring out precisely what makes a great outsourced team, even running my own agency in the process.

Instead of wasting months and tens of thousands of dollars on finding a reliable team on your own, I will refer you to a tried & trusted tech team for free.

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