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Learn how Castos attracted enterprise clients by developing a mobile app.

Craig Hewitt

Craig Hewitt

Founder at Castos

"I think the biggest fear that people have of hiring developers is that they’re not any good. And so going through Trustshoring hopefully minimizes that risk and maximize the chance of success.”

About Castos

Castos is a podcast hosting and analytics platform that helps podcasters grow and monetize their content. Craig Hewitt founded Castos in 2017, their headquarters are in the US. They have a remote team of 11 people working from the US, North America, and Europe.

The challenge was that they were a web-based application at the time and wanted to progress to a mobile app that would be a podcasting player.


  • They were able to access pre-vetted and trusted software developers through Trustshoring.
  • They were able to launch the mobile app for private podcast listening, which opened up their ability to sell podcasting solutions to larger organizations.
  • They were able to attract a new target audience. The development of a mobile app allowed Castos to enter the Enterprise space, giving them upmarket sales opportunities.

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Lack of Expertise

The Castos team did not have enough mobile app developers who could easily integrate the app with their other systems. They needed developers who could fit in perfectly with their internal team in terms of how they communicate and proactively handle issues, as well as have the experience to build a scalable app.


Pre-vetted development team

We matched Castos with a development team that was proficient in React allowing them to build a scalable platform for both iOS and Android. The new team was able to work and coordinate perfectly with the in-house team at Castos, with regular calls and meetings, and a clear roadmap in place.

Castos features

Podcast Analytics

Castos allows you to filter each podcast, see its performance, and learn more about your audience with each release.

Dynamic Ads

Castos lets you monetize all your episodes, even the old ones, with a press of a button. No chasing sponsors, no extra editing work.

Automatic Podcast Transcriptions

Every episode you publish on Castos platform can be automatically transcribed into a complete, word-for-word account of your episode.

YouTube Republishing

Reach your audience on the largest search engine and the #1 podcasting platform on the internet – YouTube.

How to Acquire a SaaS to Boost Your Existing Business – with Craig Hewitt from Castos

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The Services we provided for Castos


Product roadmapping


Pre-vetted development team

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Victor Purolnik

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Author, speaker, and podcast host with 10 years of experience building and managing remote product teams. Graduated in computer science and engineering management. Has helped over 300 startups and scaleups launch, raise, scale, and exit.

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