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Enterprise Sellers

How Enterprise Sellers was able to leverage seasoned tech advisory and an experienced developer to develop a prototype in just six weeks!

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Jamal Reimer

Founder of Enterprise Sellers

"The first conversation I had was with Victor, and he was great! He was really helpful in saying, "Look - here are the building blocks and the basic pathway to go from nothing to a prototype to a product." He very quickly made me feel comfortable with his knowledge and that he could help me at least evaluate and start a process to see if it had legs to move forward."

About Enterprise Sellers

Enterprise Sellers is a highly-vetted membership community for top enterprise sellers to network, learn, and grow.

When Jamal came to us, he had identified a gap in the B2B space where sales teams were not adequately equipped in the account research process. There were a lot of top-of-the-funnel tools, but none that allowed sales teams to deeply research their target clients beyond the basic email and contact.

After sharing the idea and garnering a lot of interest in the product, Jamal then needed to build a prototype to allow people to test the tool, he needed guidance on a product roadmap as well as an experienced developer to bring the idea to life.


  • By having the necessary product advisory in place from Trustshoring, Jamal was able to have a product roadmap that allowed him to visualize how the product would move from prototype to MVP to a scalable solution.
  • A working prototype was then developed in just six weeks



Lack of technical expertise

Jamal was not a technical founder so he needed guidance on how to develop the product, a clear roadmap, and the type of developer he needed to bring his idea to life.


Product leadership

Trustshoring was able to advise Jamal on the developer he needed to bring his idea to life and develop a clear product roadmap to bring the app from a prototype, MVP to scalable software.

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The Services we provided for Enterprise Sellers


Product Consulting

Create a free plan for growth

Speak to Victor and walk out with a free assessment of your current development setup, and a roadmap to build an efficient, scalable development team and product.

“Victor has been great. Very responsive and understanding and really knows his stuff. He can go the extra mile by tapping into his prior experiences to help your company out. Really enjoyed working with him.”

Matthew Molter

Founder of Agency360

Victor Purolnik

Trustshoring Founder

Author, speaker, and podcast host with 10 years of experience building and managing remote product teams. Graduated in computer science and engineering management. Has helped over 300 startups and scaleups launch, raise, scale, and exit.

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