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Trustshoring was founded in 2016 to help SaaS companies build and run productive development teams.

Since then, we’ve been privileged to work with more than 300 companies, helping them build, launch, and scale!

We’ve made it our mission to bring clarity to the entire product development process through trust and transparency.

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Our Values


We’ve made it our mission to bring clarity to the entire product development process through trust and transparency. We truly believe that software development challenges can be mitigated, and projects done with clarity. A lack trust are among some of the leading factors that hinder software development.


We are invested in your success as it directly reflects on our ability as a company. This is why we commit to the highest standards of objectivity. From the moment we touch base, connecting you with the right consultants for Independent product advisory, to sourcing and vetting engineering teams.  

Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnerships are the key to the success of any business. This is at the heart of all our operations. We’ve been privileged to work with some exciting businesses over the years and to see them scale has been amazing. Partnering them with the right teams, and tech leads leading to innovative solutions. 

Founder Story

Victor Purolnik


Victor started out as a software developer having studied Computer Science and Engineering Management. After graduating, he worked for German startups in Berlin and later went on to partner up and build a software house.

It is here where Victor started to learn how to work with remote engineering teams and build software products. In 2016, after a successful exit, Victor launched Trustshoring.

Victor has been a trusted sounding board for founders and spends most of his time advising startups and writing about software development.

The Team

Chenoa Siciliano

Customer Success

Chenoa is Trustshoring’s go-to for customer success! Her empathy and charisma have helped us continue to provide a seamless experience for our clients and partners.

Olha Virt

HR & Recruitment

Olha manages the end-to-end process of talent acquisition. She understands our client’s specific requirements and digs deeply to find the right candidates for a job opening.

Martyna Purolnik

Legal & Compliance

Martyna designs our international contracting frameworks and payroll procedures. She is key to the smooth collaboration between all our partners, wherever they are based around the world.

Itotia Waiyaki

Content Manager

Itotia manages our content marketing efforts, helping us to tell our story and most importantly, educate our clients and share our decade-long insights into making software products a success.

Hanna Surovikina

Finance & Payroll

Hanna manages all of our finances and escrow accounts, which includes interfacing with dozens of different countries and payment systems. This allows our clients to pay one simple invoice to a local bank account without worrying about any local formalities.

Our Process


Intro Call:

Our first call will be geared towards getting to know you, and the challenges you are having with your product or teams. We’ll learn about your business, where it is, and where you want to go.


In-depth Discovery:

After clearly understanding your requirements—whether you need a developer with specific skills, a complete development team, assistance with building an MVP, or the addition of key leadership in the form of a Fractional CTO or CPO to your product team—we collaborate with you to fill out a detailed workbook. This workbook outlines your desired outcomes and objectives. Based on this, we tailor and present a detailed offering to meet your precise needs.



Once you have reviewed and approved our proposed offering, the final step is connecting. Depending on your specific needs, we’ll arrange a call with the appropriate expert on our team. This could be our recruiter if you are seeking developers, the ideal Fractional CTO/CPO for your project, or an MVP workshop with Victor to begin developing your minimum viable product.

Get Started


Bryce DeCora

Founder of

"Had it just been me, I'd probably still be going through interviews trying to find the right developers without even knowing what I should be looking out for in terms of a good developer."

Anthony Joiner

Founder at Blooksy

“If you’re interested in finding someone to consult with, help you build out a team, be your trusted advisor, Victor is definitely your guy. When you're hiring people and they're not vetted, there are gaps. You never know what you're gonna get. But if you have a friend that knows you very well and knows the way you operate, there’s a much better fit.”

Michael Sanders

Director of Business Development at USA Construction Consultants

“Our development team has really knocked it out of the park. And obviously, Trustshoring was the connection that understood the needs that we had, the problems that we were facing, the huge barriers that were coming our way. All we had to do was be honest with Trustshoring and then they took it from there and set us up for success.”

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Level up your software development

We bridge the communication gap between your ideas and your development team and help you build your product team.

Strategic Advisory

Your Fractional CTO/CPO

Leverage our independent tech and product advisors to build out your strategy and keep your team accountable.

Services include:

Tech consulting | Product coaching

Get Advisory

Talent Sourcing

Build your development team

Whether you need a software house, an in-house team or a freelancer, we match you to the right candidates. We have an extensive network of hand-picked and pre-vetted vendors and individuals.

Services include:

Software Houses | Recruiting

Start Hiring

Not Launched Yet?

We also work with early-stage founders

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