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Our remote-first team has experience in working and consulting international tech brands and driving growth for more than 300 companies.

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Victor Purolnik
Founder & Consultant
Victor is an expert in the software development and outsourcing industry, with more than ten years of experience as both a provider and client. While his advice and consultancy is provided for free, it's impact can be priceless.
Hanna Surovikina
Finance & Payroll
Hanna manages our finances which involves interfacing with different countries and payment systems. Our clients can easily pay one simple invoice to a local account and not worry about local formalities. She also helps with escrow where necessary
Itotia Waiyaki
Content Marketing
Itotia manages our content marketing efforts, as well as writing our blogs, and updating our website copy. He helps us to tell our story and most importantly, educate our clients & share our year-long insights into making software products a success
Martyna Purolnik
Legal & Compliance
Martyna designs our international contracting frameworks and payroll procedures. She is key to the smooth collaboration between all our partners, wherever they are based around the world.
Viktor Brunets
LinkedIn Specialist
Viktor is our Linkedin guru, responsible for identifying and helping us act upon opportunities for strategic growth through recommendations to meet and exceed short- and long-term LinkedIn business objectives.
Olha Virt
HR & Partnerships
Olha manages the end-to-end process of talent acquisition. She is also key to managing all our partner relationships at Trustshoring from client partnerships and consultants, to development teams and freelancers.

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