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Our remote-first team has experience in working and consulting international tech brands and driving growth for over 250 companies.

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Victor Purolnik
Founder & Consultant
Victor is an expert in the software development and outsourcing industry, with around ten years’ experience as both provider and client. While his advice and consultancy is provided for free, its impact can be priceless.
Victoria Antoniuk
People Operations Specialist
Victoria manages complex cross-border payroll, allowing our clients to pay one simple invoice to a local bank account without worrying about any local formalities.
Marta Rogach
Marketing Manager
Marta produces our bi-weekly podcast and posts social media content to inspire and educate anyone interested in outsourcing their software development with stories, strategies, and actionable advice.
Martyna Ryt
Legal & Compliance
Martyna designs our international contracting frameworks and payroll procedures. She is key to the smooth collaboration between all our partners, wherever they are based around the world.
Vladyslav Dakhno
Software Engineer
Vlad our lead technical consultant. He vets our potential partners, creates code reviews and ensures our services are of the highest quality.
Olha Virt
Olha manages the end-to-end process of talent acquisition. She understands our clients’ specific requirements and digs deeply to find the right candidates for a job opening.
Katarina Bundalo
Executive Assistant
Katarina completes a broad variety of administrative tasks that facilitate the CEO’s ability to effectively lead the organizationn, including: assisting with special projects, collecting and preparing information for meetings with clients and more.

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