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Learn how Blooksy moved from concept to prototype, validated their product, and raised funding!

Anthony Joiner

Founder at Blooksy

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About Blooksy

Out of 97% of people who begin writing a novel: 30 out of 1000 go on to finish it. Only 6 out of those 30 go on to see their novel published. These numbers are not surprising, even with an exciting vision writing and then publishing is an enormous challenge, especially for first-time authors.

This is where Anthony saw a need in the market for software to help people write and shape their manuscripts independently, and so Blooksy was born.

Blooksy’s founder & CEO, Anthony ‘AJ’ Joiner has been on a mission to help would-be authors get over that obstacle, start writing, and get published. Anthony is a radio personality, entrepreneur, and 3x best-selling author. AJ has helped thousands of authors to start writing and over 200 get published over the course of the last five years.

Anthony started out as a project manager in the IT industry and later the owner of a digital marketing agency. After becoming an expert in digital services and marketing he published several books and started a coaching career helping aspiring authors get published often running live events.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it became almost impossible for people to write and publish stuff, in cases where people would get sick and communication was being done via email, a lot of miscommunication, and gaps started to appear.

Blooksy is a cloud-based artificial intelligence-powered writing platform that accelerates the book writing process for authors’ collaborative book publishing tool that streamlines the publishing process onto one platform. The platform guides and aids creative and academic authors through the workflow of starting, writing, and editing their work. The company is based in Atlanta and was founded in 2019 by Anthony Joiner.


  • In just under two months, Blooksy had progressed to a workable prototype and the first version of the software.
  • Blooksy pitched at Panoramic Ventures’ Startup Showdown and won a $120,000 check from the monthly startup competition in August 2021.
  • In July of 2023, Blooksy announced a new partnership with the City of Atlanta aimed at empowering young writers between the ages of 14 and 18 to become distinguished authors. The program will provide teens with the skills and tools needed to create captivating essays and turn them into published books. The City of Atlanta hopes to inspire the next generation of literary greats with this collaboration while promoting self-expression, creativity, literacy, technology, and entrepreneurship.



Lack of experience

The team of software developers that Anthony hired on Upwork started barely communicating. There was little to no feedback on the development progress, and when they did set timelines and deadlines, these ended up being missed.


Pre-vetted development team

The outsourced development team we matched Blooksy with was very proactive, they would quickly fix bugs and errors as soon as they occurred and kept the team at Blooksy up to date with everything that was being done with a clear roadmap.

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The Services we provided for Blooksy


Product consulting


Pre-vetted Development team

Blooksy features

All-in-one collaboration tool

Blooksy allows writers, editors, and publishers to collaborate live on one tool, making the whole creative and publishing process easier than ever.

Generative AI

Blooksy has its own generative AI called ‘Aven AI’ – Aven AI supports all types of books – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and academic. By default, Blooksy understands the type of work an author is writing and Aven will help the author with contextually appropriate recommendations that are adapted to the style.

Role-based Permissions

With Blooksy, you can assign different roles to everyone you invite to work on your draft.

Variety of export options

You can export books in various formats such as pdf and epub.

How Blooksy moved from prototype over MVP to scalable software?

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