Product Advisory

Hire a fractional CTO/CPO to bring clarity and guidance to your development process

  • Independent tech and product leadership on demand
  • Bridge the communication gap between your ideas and your development team
Strategic Advisory

Meet some of our consultants

All have 10+ years of hands-on experience in their respective domain within enterprises, scaleups and startups.

Miguel Augustín, Fractional CTO at Trustshoring
Miguel Augustín

Fractional CPO

Highly experienced product manager with corporates, entreprises and startup background. Has set up product teams and product development processes many times over, leading up to 150 people as former head of product at a scaleup.

Inaki Anduaga, Fractional CTO at Trustshoring
Inaki Anduaga

Fractional CTO

Leading software engineer at startups, scaleups. Has lead digital transformation at enterprise companies. He has more than 10 years of experience, well-versed in cutting edge technology and lean technical concepts in the US and Europe.

Martin Rusnak

Fractional CTO

He has more than 24 years of experience in technology and IT Security and audits, and working with more than 15 startups. He has led development teams across different industries with a focus on team building and mentorship

“We are making outstanding progress. The other teams are already
commenting on how much better things are with the progress so far.”

Image of a man with a suit in a black background
Scott Brickler

Founder and CEO of CADTALK

Clarity and Control in Software Development

Your independent tech leadership to nail strategy and development

Dev sprints that run on their own

The Fractional CTO/CPO is there to ensure your team is communicating well and following best practices when it comes to building software today.

Always a roadmap in place

With a Fractional CTO/CPO in place, your development team can work with a clear plan on what to build, why and for whom.

Ship bug-free software

Reduce human error with seasoned guidance, while leveraging automated tools that review your codes quality.

Build fast and scalable products

Set up your infrastructure for today's and tomorrow's success by building software that can serve a growing user base.

Design user-friendly products

The Fractional CTO/CPO ensures that products are built with your user's in mind. Simplify how users engage with your products without compromising access to core features.

Remote team

Cultivate investment and accountability from your team through experienced leadership. The Fractional CTO/CPO makes sure your development team is on board, motivated and in-sync with each other.

How do we do it?

Our team of Independent advisory helps you quickly identify your growth blockers, why you are having them, and how to solve them.

The Fractional CTO/CPO’s job is to bring clarity with a well-defined product roadmap, choose the necessary architecture, and then work with your development team to accelerate product design, ship features, and build software with scalability at its core!

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A 1-hour workshop to map out the scope of work.

And if everything looks good:

We get started either with your team or match you with a development that fits your needs and is ready to develop your technical concept.

Mike Sanders

Director of Business Development at USA Construction Consultants

“Our dev team has really knocked it out of the park. And obviously, Trustshoring was the connection that understood the needs that we had, the problems that we were facing, and the huge barriers that were coming our way. All we had to do was be honest with Trustshoring and then they took it from there and set us up for success.”

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