How Workclub found a team to build MVP in six months. The team completed the design and developed a fu...

About Workclub


WorkClub is the go-to platform for remote professionals. Their mission is to create a connected world, a driven community, and promote collaboration. WorkClub creates convenient, affordable environments that increase productivity & inspire innovation, as well as support local businesses to thrive. Their offices are based in London UK and were founded in 2018.


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Workclub wanted to complete the design and develop a fully functioning product within six months. We approached the process of selecting the agency meticulously and detailed.

  • Technical requirements: Workclub was looking for a product design team to help define business requirements and help a tech team develop the product according to lean methodology.
  • Affordability: Workclub was not ready to hire a team of developers. They looked for an outsourced tech team to build a scalable product infrastructure for easy maintenance and future development.
  • Communication: Workclub wanted open lines of communication with the developers. The team had to grasp remote work tools and remote collaboration processes.




We handpicked three tried-and-tested product design teams that had performed multiple successful projects remotely. Workclub chose one agency after interviews. 


  • Expertise: We matched Workclub with a design team with a strong portfolio that redefined the existing software, concept, user flows, and value proposition and created a new, improved product. The developers’ developed a product infrastructure that was easy to understand, maintain and develop.
  • Flexibility: The development team outsourced had different skill sets and strong expertise in a chosen technology stack.
  • Communication: The team of developers understood the strategy and developed business requirements aligned with the product vision.

The Platform




The design team built a product prototype that received positive feedback from users and developed business requirements for the product. 

The design process took three months to develop a product from the start of the cooperation.

Workclub has since merged with Upflex because of its fast product and business development progress.

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