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How Centerpoint grew to manage 500 commercial construction projects per month in 12 months!

Centerpoint Solutions

Mike Sanders

Product Manager at Centerpoint

"The biggest milestone was the first one. We were able to release a whole new product and do that in six months, compared to three years of development in the old system. Trustshoring really understood what we needed and helped us look at our business in a multi-dimensional way and helped us invigorate the conversation around things like value, competitive advantage, and even pricing."

About Centerpoint

Centerpoint Software Solutions began the process of providing online workflow solutions for the inspection monitoring process in 2004. Since then, thousands of inspections have been completed each year across the USA, through their system. The company is based in Atlanta and was founded in 2017 by Ryan Jones.

The developers of Centerpoint have over 17 years of experience in completing the draw monitoring process for many national, regional, and local banks as well as a host of credit unions and investment firms

When Centerpoint came to us, they needed help with the development of their software. They needed something more robust and scalable to handle their growing user base.

Initially, the development work on the software had been done by a very inexperienced engineering team, and soon the company started to encounter some challenges


  • Centerpoint was able to release a whole new product in just six months! The new product had much more functionality than the old system, which had been constantly failing and in development for a couple of years
  • Centerpoint was able to expand its market share into new geographic areas, with the new more robust, and scalable software
  • Centerpoint was able to reduce the industry average of 7-10 turnaround days to under 3 days,  which is 50%. This has in turn translated into a huge jump in revenue for Centerpoint, which is in the millions per year!
  • They are now saving their clients approximately 150 hours per month with the new software.



Bugs and Downtime

Once Centerpoint started to grow its user base, the software that had been built by an inexperienced team started to show its lack of capacity and scalability. There was a lot of downtime and eventually crash.

Lack of proper Quality Assurance (QA)

The development team did not have enough capacity to test what was a very complex software. This is what led to the app starting to experience downtime, due to software bugs and eventually crush when there was a large inflow of users.

Poor Communication and Documentation

There was very little in terms of communication with the development team. The whole project lacked a clear roadmap to document everything that was being done. Mike and his team knew little about was was being built.


Scalable software

We offered Centerpoint a tailored outsourcing solution. A specific team with the experience and expertise in developing a similar product. Helping the build an app with Scalability in mind.

DevOps and QA specialist

The Outsourced team had the capacity to have a QA specialist within the development team, helping them test the software and ensure bugs were identified and fixed as soon as possible.

Clear roadmap and leadership

The new development team was very experienced, communication was always on time and in sync and everything was documented with a roadmap in place. Mike and the entire team at Centerpoint always knew what was being built, when, why, and how long it would take.

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“Victor has been great. Very responsive and understanding and really knows his stuff. He can go the extra mile by tapping into his prior experiences to help your company out. Really enjoyed working with him.”

Matthew Molter

Founder of Agency360

Victor Purolnik

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Author, speaker, and podcast host with 10 years of experience building and managing remote product teams. Graduated in computer science and engineering management. Has helped over 300 startups and scaleups launch, raise, scale, and exit.

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