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to become valuable long-term additions to your team

Work with motivated and pre-vetted remote developers to keep up with your roadmap without spending all your time on recruiting.
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Choose what works best for you:

  • Headhunting

    Build or extend your team of dedicated remote developers and product people, headhunted pre-screened and according to your requirements.

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  • Outstaffing

    Quickly and flexibly hire from a large pool of available IT talent. Subcontracted for your

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Our process

Your hassle-free path to a fitting candidate

Discovery call

Brief analysis of the position, your company, the development procedure as well as any other expectations you might have for the recruiting procedure.

Discovery call

Sourcing & Vetting

If you go with outstaffing option – our recruiting team is sourcing from a large database of suitable candidates and sends you available profiles within 3 business days. Candidates are usually available right away or within a few weeks.

If your choice is headhunting, our team starts headhunting for your position, qualifying potential candidates, and making sure they are interested in your particular position before sharing their CV. You receive a profile of the first candidate that perfectly matches all requirements.

Sourcing & Vetting

Interview & Hire

You take a verbal interview with the candidate and decide whether to hire or pass on them.
If you pass on the candidate, the sourcing process is resumed.
If you hire, the paperwork is finalized to onboard your new candidate as fast as possible.

Interview & Hire

When do you need to hire a dedicated development team through us?

  • You don’t want to spend weeks sifting through junk applications
  • You don’t want to deal with scammers posing as developers interested in the job
  • It is impossible to attract senior developers on job boards
  • Мost recruiters send un-tested or irrelevant CVs
  • You don’t want the hassle with international payroll and legal uncertainties


The fee structure is different depending on the model you prefer. Contact us to learn more.
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  • Which countries are you sourcing from?

    Our speciality and network for headhunting is within Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, etc. but we also source in Armenia and Georgia.

  • What if I don’t like the candidates you present?

    We’ll simply continue searching to find more profiles you can verify and decide.

  • What if a candidate doesn’t work out post-hiring?

    Outstaffing – We can replace any candidate at any time, within the given cancellation periods.

    Headhunting – During the guarantee period (or forever with our outstaffing service) we’ll restart the recruiting process without any additional fees.

  • How soon can you find someone?

    Outstaffing – Most of the time, we’re able to find suitable candidates within 3 working days from receiving your request and speaking on a short discovery call.
    It’s important to get on an interview with a suitable candidate and decide quickly, because they are likely gone fast. This can delay your search.

    Headhunting – For most roles, we see a sourcing time from 4 to 8 weeks, but it depends on various factors.
    The most crucial part is that you are able to commit to a positive candidate right away. They might be gone in a matter of days, and then we have to restart sourcing.

  • How do you vet candidates?

    Outstaffing – We interview each candidate and ask specific questions in line with their specialty. However, we don’t do technical interviews or tests at this stage. We leave this to our technical clients.
    If you’re interested in more deeply technically vetted candidates, ask your consultant about our headhunting and our agency matching offerings.

    Headhunting – We filter CVs, and interview each candidate and ask specific questions in line with their specialty. Our recruiter is highly technical and is able to vet a candidate’s skill set and experience very well. Only pre-vetted candidates make it onto your desk.

  • What positions and technologies can you source?

    We can source almost all technologies and positions, including standard web tech, sophisticated enterprise tech, cutting-edge blockchain or AI/ML tech, and many more.
    We source all seniorities including junior, mid-level and senior roles but also lead roles, architect-level roles, and CTOs.
    We source full-time and part-time roles as long as they are expected to work long-term. We don’t source for a few days or weeks of work.