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How Does Trustshoring Work?

by Victor Purolnik
How Trustshoring Works

Being a founder today has never been as challenging as it is. The rate at which technology is changing is quite high and businesses not only have to keep up with these massive shifts but do so in a resourceful manner.

In the tech space, your role as founder requires you to wear a lot of hats and the job can be even more overwhelming for non-technical founders.

This is where Trustshoring comes in.

Trustshoring empowers founders and saas companies to build and run productive dev teams by providing the missing tech and product advisory and the required development resources to grow.

Trustshoring found a really easy-to-manage, quick, and fun tech team we’re working with on a continuous basis now – It’s been such a great experience, we couldn’t be happier! 

– Mirko Schneider, Intermate Group

Our Process

Our Process
Our Process

Are you a business leader with no technical knowledge?

Through us, product companies can avoid bad technical decisions, failed software development projects with unreliable partners, and overcomplicated products.

We use our proven frameworks and processes to help you quickly launch or reliably scale your software.

We have done this for a decade with over 300 customers.

  • Objectivity – We are invested in your success as it directly reflects on our ability as a company.
  • Trustworthiness – We’ve got a broad network of 100+ software houses and more than 10,000 professionals who have been pre-vetted.
  • Strategic Partnership – We’ve held the hand of over 300 customers through their software product journey, covering all areas from launching through raising, scaling, and exiting the business.

The Steps

  1. Introductory Call: Once we get on a call, the aim is to dive into your challenges, where you want to go, and how we can help you get there.
  2. Vetting and Matching: After understanding your needs, we then begin to scout and vet our network of proven contractors if you require a developer. For clients who need entire tech teams, we will match you with pre-vetted software houses. In terms of Product Advisory, we will match you with the tech lead you need based on your business needs and of course, the product and software you’re building.
  3. Connecting: The final step is connecting you with your developer, software house, or Fractional CTO/CPO.

Your Steps to Launching an MVP

Are you interested in building an MVP?

We’ll help you build a beautifully designed, custom-coded MVP with a goal-oriented team.

The team is set up to offer step-by-step guidance to take you from idea to launch!

They include – product managers, UI/UX designers, and tech leads.

  • Hand Picked Development teams
  • Pre-Launch Business Clarity
  • Lean Product Validation
  • Rock Solid Product Concepts
  • Launch Faster with Human Support
  • Ongoing Support from Product Leaders

Get clarity on your next challenges and conviction on how to face them, support from experts who want you to succeed, and developers who match your time zone, tech stack, and work ethic.

It’s been great working with Trustshoring! I used to have to sift through dozens of low-quality freelancers on Upwork until I found one halfway decent one. Trustshoring found the perfect match for our company’s needs immediately. – Menachem Pritzker Director of Growth at IT Central Station


Your Steps to Scaling Your Product

Are you thinking about scaling your product and growing your user base?

We’ll help you set up your infrastructure for today and future-proof your product.

We provide a team of Product Managers, DevOps specialists, scalability engineers, plus a fractional CTO to review their code and look over their shoulders for you, helping you ship new features faster and serve a growing user base!

  • Development Sprints that run on their own
  • Always have a product roadmap in place
  • Design user-friendly products
  • Ship bug-free software
  • Build fast and scalable products


All the resources you need for scaling development and business growth!

Software Development
Software Development

Challenges we can help you with

  1. Building your MVP – Get a precise budget, timeline, and a coding team to help you stick to the plan. Go to market with a product that’s ready for customers at scale.
  2. Product Advisory – Leverage our independent tech and product advisors to build out your strategy and keep your team accountable.
  3. Talent Sourcing – Whether you need a software house, an in-house team, or a freelancer, we match you to the right candidates. We have an extensive network of hand-picked and pre-vetted vendors and individuals.

We also offer businesses the necessary tech and product leadership that they need, to make sure the development process is as smooth as possible. This also includes Fractional CTO services!

With the help of Trustshoring, I was able to go from not having a working product due to the problems I was experiencing with the previous development team to a working product in just six weeks! It’s been great, we are now building out a sales team and contemplating whether or not to take on more funding! – Anthony Joiner, Founder of Blooksy


Get started today!

Our mission

To help software product companies without technical leadership succeed despite the odds. By providing missing tech and product leadership solutions, and supplying reliable and pre-vetted software development specialists with proven processes.

Book a free call with us today and allow us to personally assess your situation and come up with a solution that matches your exact needs!


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