Self-managed software development

Your Product Partners to Scale Development With Confidence

  • Ship more on each sprint
  • Master strategy, roadmap and coding execution
  • Fix bugs, communication gaps and prima donna devs
Work with expert product managers, UI/UX designers, business consultants and a self-managed coding team.
Work with expert product managers, UI/UX designers, business consultants and a self-managed coding team.

Learn how to set up a proven product development process.

Mike Sanders

Director of Business Development at USA Construction Consultants

“Our dev team has really knocked it out of the park. And obviously, Trustshoring was the connection that understood the needs that we had, the problems that we were facing, and the huge barriers that were coming our way. All we had to do was be honest with Trustshoring and then they took it from there and set us up for success.”

Your extended product team to nail strategy and development

Set up a proven development process. Reduce bugs and micromanagement. Improve shipping speed.

Dev sprints that run on their own

We’ll set you up with a team of experienced devs who follow processes and best practices. Plus a fractional CTO to review their code and look over their shoulders for you.

Always a roadmap in place

Work with a fractional CPO. Build out product management processes to collect ideas and move the best ones to the front of your roadmap, with zero bottlenecks.

Design user-friendly products

Our senior designers run UI/UX reviews to assess your product’s usability. Simplify how users engage with your product without compromising access to core features.

Ship bug-free software

Reduce human error with automated tools that review your code’s quality. Flag risks at the right time and avoid technical debt.

Build fast and scalable products

Set up your infrastructure for today’s and tomorrow’s success with our DevOps and scalability engineers. Ship new features faster and serve a growing user base.

* Available for select projects that meet our qualifying criteria

A product team to hold your hand when you need it and be hands-on when you’re ready

Team up with our product experts to:

  • Identify problems customers want to pay you to solve
  • Ship the right features on time and on budget
  • Accelerate development without adding to your workload
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What happens next?

A 30-minute chat to understand your business and technical challenges.

And if we’re a good fit:

A 1-hour workshop to map out your scope of work

And if everything looks good:

Meet the devs ready to code your technical concept and receive a quote.

Software houses lack strategy.
Consultants don’t execute.
Marketplaces are a hit-or-mostly-miss.

We combine business expertise, technical know-how and coding to keep your product development on track.

vs Software houses


Build whatever you need at a fair price.


No consulting. They do as you say, so you better know exactly what you need.



Get help on business and tech challenges.


You don’t get any coding work done.



Thousands of developers at your fingertips.


Spend hours filtering out low-end and fake profiles to find good candidates. Know how to qualify and manage devs.

Trusted since 2013



Launched, raised, scaled and exited with us


Successful matches to developers


Pre-vetted developers in our network



building products and technical teams

Scale product development
with strategic clarity and coding speed

Learn how to set up a proven product development process.

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Product teams for businesses on both ends of the growth curve

Get your business fundamentals in place — and a coding team to boot.
Get matched to the right developers, ready to hit the ground running.