Understanding and working with developers as a non-technical founder

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Understanding and working with developers as a non-technical founder


Should you hire a CTO or get a technical co-founder? How can you hire a great engineer? Why are estimations such a mess?  

Today’s guest is Aman Agarwal, author of Tech Fluent CEO. Aman is exceptional at explaining tech to non-technical people. Aman shares the most common questions he gets from non-technical founders.

Episode Highlights/Topics: 

  • Aman’s Background: From electronics to business and back to engineering
  • Current Role: Digital private equity company founder who uses tech to be more efficient
  • Tech Fluent CEO: For not-so-tech-savvy founders who want to understand technology
  • Software/SaaS Development: How to hire a right developer for your company
  • Interpersonal Relationship — Non-expert CEO has to manage a tech expert and know:
    • Are they telling you the truth?
    • Are they explaining things to you?
    • Are they doing the right things?
  • Differentiator: When hiring an expert, do they have the heart of a teacher and patience?
  • Estimations: Why something simple is more complicated and takes time to create 
  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall: Dilemma to move fast or spend time, effort, money on blueprint   
  • Mitigate Problems: Follow frameworks when hiring and paying employer/employees 
  • Reasons for Changes: When to start from scratch or rebuild to increase understanding 


Aman Agarwal

Tech Fluent CEO



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