SaaS Pricing done right – Analyses from 250 Pricing Pages

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Product Stories
SaaS Pricing done right - Analyses from 250 Pricing Pages


Pricing is an important issue for any SaaS company, and it’s not always easy to understand how to best use pricing to your company’s advantage. Today you’ll hear from Dor Sassoon, the co-founder of Stigg. Stigg is a platform that enables developers to ship pricing plans faster and introduces end-to-end self-service solutions for SaaS.

Listen to the episode to hear what Dor has to say about how he ended up working in SaaS pricing in the first place, how to test pricing without annoying existing customers, and what kinds of tracking tools SaaS companies can take advantage of.

Episode Highlights/Topics: 

  • How Dor ended up in SaaS pricing
  • How the stages of pre-product market fit and past product market fit differ
  • Testing without annoying the customers
  • Tools that allow tracking the lifestyle of the average user
  • Thinking about value perception and willingness to pay
  • Grandfathering and offering custom plans
  • The emergence of pay-per-use
  • Why SaaS companies should use Stigg
  • Where people can learn more about Stigg


Dor Sasson



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