How to run and operate multiple SaaS businesses

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Product Stories
How to run and operate multiple SaaS businesses


There’s more than one way to get into the SaaS field. Whether you already have a SaaS or are just considering it, you may be interested in becoming an investor, running multiple SaaS products instead of building one from scratch. How can you do that? How do you decide what to buy and when to sell? 

These are some of the questions you’ll learn about in today’s interview with Michael Bereslavsky, founder and CEO of Domain Magnate. Michael has been involved in online business since 2004. Domain Magnate buys and manages businesses and offers consulting services on exit strategy and acquisitions.

Listen to the episode to hear what Michael has to say about how Michael got involved in this business, how to give each of multiple businesses the focus they need, and tips for someone who would like to become an investor.

Episode Highlights/Topics: 

  • Where Michael is based and how long he’s been there
  • How many people Domain Magnate has, and what it does
  • Why Michael made the decision to locate where he did
  • How to become an investor
  • How Michael got involved in this business
  • Returns on the latest fund
  • The biggest leverage in Michael’s operations
  • Whether it’s better to group things together and use those synergies or invest in unrelated things 
  • How many businesses Michael runs concurrently
  • How to give each of the businesses the focus they need
  • Tips for someone who’s currently running a SaaS or who would like to become an investor
  • Whether it’s a problem for an investor not to have a vision to make the investment better
  • Tips for selling a SaaS and common mistakes sellers make
  • An example of a SaaS Michael’s company bought, grew, and sold
  • Where people can find Michael


Michael Bereslavsky

Domain Magnate


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