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Hire experienced and skilled back-end development teams to build reliable, efficient and scalable web applications. We match you with the best development teams and engineers that help you achieve your development goals and deliver high-quality software.
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Why would you choose to hire Back-End developers with Trustshoring?

Trustshoring matches you with back-end developers that are focused on building scalable software and taking you to market quickly.

  • Experience:


    We match you with experienced and specialized app developers within your domain.
  • Save time and resources:

    Save time and resources:

    We help you hire the right app developers the first time who can create a custom solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.
  • Firefighting:


    If you already started a project but encountered problems with the development team. We will help you get the right developer to move your project forward and say goodbye to constant firefighting.
  • Team augmentation:

    Team augmentation:

    We help you expand your team of existing developers, bring in remote back-end developers and not have to worry about micromanaging them.

Мore than 250 companies trusted us to build their software development teams

  • Castos
  • CreditGate
  • Zest-1
  • Marteu
  • Proposify
  • Smileback
  • Sunrise
  • Workclub

Why choose Trusthoring as your Back-End developer provider?

  • Access the full range of back-end development

    • We’ll match you with the best back-end developers to cater to your specific development needs. These include - Enterprise resource planning, Application Programming interfaces (APIs), Documentation and Version control, Integration with other systems and more.
    WordPress Developer
  • Proactive and efficient talent

    • Trustshoring has helped more than 253 companies that have trusted us to help build their software development teams. We give you access to a diverse and highly skilled team of back-end developers from around the world.
    Trustshoring Proactive and efficient talent
  • Continuous business support

    • Once we match you with a team of developers we don't stop there. We provide you with ongoing client support, to help you with any issues you may have and cater to your changing needs and priorities.
    Continuous business support

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Our Process

  • Initial Contact and discovery

    The first touch point will be with a team member. We will seek to understand your project requirements in detail, your product, workflow, duration and all the development needs you require.

  • Candidate or agency interview

    Once we’ve understood your needs, we start looking for the right back-end developer in our database with the right expertise. We then present you with only relevant CVs or agencies for you to interview.

  • Candidate or agency hire

    Once we’ve found the best candidates, you can then interview them and decide to hire or decline. If you decide to hire, we’ll handle all the paperwork and onboarding. If you don’t find a match, we resume the sourcing process to find you the perfect candidate.

What is the best back-end technologyfor my project?

What is the best back-end technology for my project?

Back-end technologies refer to collections of server-side languages, used to build a website’s server setup. They are the building blocks of software development. The most commonly used technologies by back-end developers include Python and JavaScript with frameworks like Django, PHP, Laravel, Java, .Net and Ruby on Rails. During our discovery call, and as we get to understand what your needs are, we will advise on which technologies suit your project and which developer will be suitable for you.


  • What is a back-end developer?

    A back-end developer is a software engineer who specializes in the development of the  server-side logic and integration of a website or application. They are responsible for designing and implementing the underlying functionality and data management of a website or app, using languages such as Python, Java or Ruby.

  • How does a back-end developer differ from a front-end developer?

    A back-end developer is focused on the development of the server-side logic and integration of a website or application, while a front-end developer is focused on the development of the user-facing portion of a website or app. Back-end developers work on the underlying functionality and data management of a website or app, while front-end developers work on the visual and interactive elements. 

  • What skills does a back-end developer need and how do I hire one?

    The designing of websites and applications requires research of your business and industry to successfully strategize, design and market your business. Before hiring a developer, you need to recognize and identify in them a sense of understanding of your project goals, ideal customer, prospects and business goals. This is where Trustshoring comes in – helping you find the right developers that match your exact development needs.

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