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How to hire Ruby on Rails developers with Trustshoring?

You hassle free path to reliable developers

  • Share your business requirements.

    Share your business requirements.

    Talk to our CEO about your exact needs, product specifics, and team dynamics. The more we know at this step, the better the future match will be.
  • We select and present the right fit for you business.

    We select and present the right fit for you business.

    Based on the interview, we will shortlist Ruby Developers best suited for your needs. Depending on the service (Agency Мatching, IT Recruiting) the process may slightly differ.
  • Hire and onboard your RoR developers.

    Hire and onboard your RoR developers.

    You start your work on the project and we take care of all payments, reporting, and other paperwork.
  • Ongoing support

    Ongoing support

    We’re available whenever you have questions, run into issues, or need to re-evaluate your choice because of changed demands.

Мore than 250 companies trusted us to build their software development teams

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Why choose Trusthoring as your Ruby developers provider?

  • Get skilled and tested developers

    • We only make recommendations from a pool of teams and professionals that we have already worked with on live projects.
    • We never use algorithms or any unvetted long lists
    • We take into account not only tech requirements but also understanding of business application to find a perfect match
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  • Save time on selecting programming partners

    • 30 min intro call to understand what the client needs
    • 72 hours for matching with the top development partners
    • Fast replies, immediate reaction and availability when necessary
    Trustshoring Proactive and efficient talent
  • Benefit from ultimate business support

    • Payments, legal and admin taken care of and united under one invoice per month
    • Attention to detail and ready to assist on almost anything
    • Helpful recommendations on many aspects of outsourcing and working with remote teams, as well as provide structured toolkits to SaaS Founders
    • Bespoke and strategic business advices with an effortless experience
    Continuous business support

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Our Services

Choose a suitable way to hire Ruby on Rails developers

  • Agency Мatching

    Hire a full-service agency specialized in Ruby on Rails development for your project

  • IT Recruiting

    Hire dedicated remote Ruby on Rails developers to become valuable long-term additions to your team

  • I’m not sure

    Let us help you figure out your best way to find RoR developers on a free call

How To Hire PHP Developers?

How to hire Ruby developers for your next web project?

What could world-known companies like Shopify, Airbnb, and Hulu have in common? Besides the incredible popularity and millions of dollars of valuation, they all are using a powerful programming language for their web applications.

This language is Ruby, often referred to as Ruby on Rails.

Productivity and simplicity are key principles of the Ruby language. Rails is the framework used with Ruby to improve and speed up the development process. Ruby on Rails allows converting the most complex and innovative ideas to viable applications.

  • Ruby belongs to the top 15 most loved programming languages

  • More than 35% of Ruby developers have 10+ years of coding experience

  • 67% of Ruby developers are familiar with front-end development

  • Globally, more than 380,000 websites are built on Ruby on Rails

With a team of skilled Ruby developers, you can launch your own error-free web application, support or upgrade an existing Ruby-based website, or create the perfect ground for a successful software startup.

Before you start looking for a Ruby specialist…

Once you’ve chosen Ruby as the main tool for your app’s back-end development, it’s time to prepare recruiting and hiring materials.

Clarify your needs

Are you looking for a Ruby team to build an entire solution for you from scratch? In this case, you may need to hire at least one senior-level Ruby engineer with software architecture and logic design experience. To support an existing solution and deal with simple tasks, you may consider junior Ruby developers and middle Ruby developers. The complexity of a project and tasks impacts directly the ideal candidate profile. Thus, first of all, you need to see clearly what you need to be done.

Define a budget for a Ruby developer role

The next significant thing is the budget for a Ruby developer position. Typically, bootstrapped startup founders have limited resources and have specific requirements for Ruby development costs. At the same time, Series A and Series B investments open more opportunities to hire more experienced developers. Analyze your resources and define how much you are ready to pay for development services. Do you need to look for a freelancer for $15 per hour, or are you ready to invest $50-100 per hour and hire engineers skilled enough to solve tasks of any complexity?

Build a vacancy description

Now, describe the position for your future hire. Typically, we recommend including four critical sections in a job description.

Your project

Tell your future employee about the project. What is it about? What’s its goal and purpose? Can you provide a link to an existing application? Share a bit of spicy detail to awaken a candidate’s interest.

Candidate’s qualification

Highlight the skills and experience you want your perfect candidate to possess. Typically, a Ruby developer should understand Ruby and its libraries, have experience with Rails and databases like MySQL or NoSQL, be familiar with MVC and RESTful concepts, and know how to work with version control tools like Git. Additionally, Ruby developers may have front-end development skills and work with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and some of the most popular JS frameworks like React.

Main tasks

Think about the typical workday of your future employee. How does it start? Do you work according to Agile and Scrum principles? What would be your future employee’s daily tasks? A clear job description will help you find a perfect person; at the same time, it will help your candidates understand if this opportunity is something they are looking for.

What can you offer?

The competition in the job market has never been more intense. The number of opportunities is booming while skilled candidates are not prone to changing their projects too often. If you are looking for Ruby engineers for long-term, stable, comfortable, and fruitful cooperation, make a job description as attractive as possible. Tell what’s in for each employee and describe the benefits you offer. While you are looking for experienced Ruby engineers, they are looking for a dream job. Turn a job you offer into a dream and get a chance to hire the best talents!

Ruby developers’ recruitment and hiring

After the thorough preparation process, you can start looking for perfect candidates.

The process may be time-consuming, Typically, companies invest up to 40 days to find skilled developers. However, we have a tip for successful and optimized hiring.

Where to find great developers?

Linkedin is a great social network for meeting potential employees, partners, and consultants. If you focus on freelance specialists, you can check websites like Upwork. You can check Clutch for dependable development companies.

How to organize the interviewing process?

Divide interviewing into three main parts:

  • Initial HR interview to check candidate’s soft skills and talk about their experience and your offer

  • Technical interview to check candidate’s hard skills, problem-solving skills, coding skills, etc.

  • Final interview to discuss the details, candidate’s expectations, start date, etc.

How to save time and money on Ruby engineers’ hiring process?

To organize HR and technical interviews the right way, you may need to engage HR specialists, technical founders, and technical leads. If you are a solo founder, the time- and cost-saving method would be to delegate recruiting and interviewing to agencies and companies ready to select the best candidates for your particular needs.

We at Trustshoring work with pre-vetted Ruby developers only. We know our candidates and their work attitude; we have already checked their hard and soft skills, their English, communication, and even sense of humor.

With us, you can save time, money, and energy on hiring Ruby engineers, and invest your resources in business development.

Want to accelerate your business growth, hire the best talents, and achieve your goals faster, with a dependable team behind your back? Let’s talk today, so you can meet your potential Ruby on Rails team tomorrow.


  • How difficult is it to find skilled Ruby developers?

    You can find Ruby developers on multiple web platforms and professional social networks. However, to ensure a candidate’s expertise and skills, you may need to engage HR and technical experts in the interviewing process. You may need to invest 40+ days to hire a single Ruby developer.

    With Trustshoring, you can delegate recruitment and hiring and get acquainted with a pre-vetted candidate in one to five days only.

  • How much do Ruby development services cost?

    The price for Ruby developers’ services varies from $15 to $100 or even more. It depends completely on your requirements, the candidate’s experience, and location.

    Tell us about your needs and we’ll provide you with a more detailed answer to how much Ruby developers cost.

  • Is Ruby on Rails worth choosing?

    Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web development technologies. Multiple world-known enterprises and startups prefer Ruby over other programming languages. Ruby on Rails allows you to build fast, scalable, high-quality software products.

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