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We’ll pinpoint where you’re at in the product journey, how to build a product that matches your business goals, and the technical challenges putting your launch at risk.

You’ll end up with a free product concept & budget estimate to confidently start building your MVP with the right developers, at a fair price.


Plus, answers to your pressing questions on:

  • Lean software development
  • Managing a remote development team
  • How to vet and pick developers

Meet your workshop facilitator

Victor Purolnik
Trustshoring Founder

“After going through this workshop with 100s of founders and helping over 300 companies launch, raise, scale and exit successfully, I’ve gained incredible business and technical insights.

Together, we’ll identify the pitfalls and opportunities ahead of you, as you set out to build your MVP.”


  • Author of The Complete IT Outsourcing Playbook
  • Host of the Product Stories podcast
  • Helped +300 startups launch, scale and exit
  • As seen on: Hackernoon – SaaS Growth Hacks – Dan Martell’s SaaS Academy
  • Computer Science and Engineering Management graduate

Past workshop attendees

We’ll ask the important questions no software house is willing to ask you

Get an in-depth assessment of your company, product and development process. Understand which challenges you can solve in-house and which skills you’ll need to outsource.

Business Vision

First we understand your vision, then we build a product that matches your goals.

We’ll spend time understanding the problem your product aims to solve. Who do you solve it for and how? We’ll map out potential alternatives and competitors. We’ll go through your team set up and identify critical roles missing to building your MVP.

Product Plan

An MVP is the beginning of your journey. Your product should match your mid- and long-term plans.

We’ll discuss your goals for the launch and after. Are you aiming for a private release or a big launch to thousands of users? Once you hit your initial goals, how do you plan to expand?

In the process, we’ll identify challenges that might be delaying your MVP and how to solve them

Scope of Work

Answers to your most pressing questions: how long is this going to take and how much is it going to cost me?

We’ll look into your current documentation (it’s ok if you have none). We’ll figure out the complexities of your product and the technical requirements to make it scalable.

Mohamed Khalif

Managing Partner at LingoUnlocked

“There were so many details [about the product] that I didn't think of. Miguel, the product consultant, was able to help me think through that. And once I took that document to the developers, it saved me a lot of time and costs because they could read that and get started right away.”

Frequently asked questions

  • Should I prepare any resources before the call?

    Not really but if you have anything at hand, please bring it with you. Here are some ideas that might be relevant during our call.

    Business concepts:

    • Product vision
    • Problem definition
    • Target market
    • Ideal customer profile
    • Competitors’ analysis


    Technical concepts:

    • Product specifications, wireframes and related documentation
    • Product use cases
    • Front end & back end requirements
  • Should I ask someone else from the team to join?

    During the workshop, we’ll cover business and technical concepts. It’s up to you if you want to invite someone else to join in order to go through these ideas in detail.

  • Why are you offering this workshop for free?

    We’ve been doing this workshop as part of our process for a long time. We consider it the best approach to find good-fit customers that might need our services, once the workshop is done.

    If you go through the workshop and don’t work with us, that’s ok! You’ll still end up with a free product concept & budget estimate to build your MVP. And we’ll earn some good karma 🙂

  • What kind of products have gone through this workshop before?

    We’ve helped 300+ startups launch and scale. Projects we’ve successfully seen through this workshop include:

    • SaaS products
    • E-Commerce stores
    • Enterprise applications
    • Plugins
    • Chrome extensions
    • Mobile apps
    • Marketplaces
    • Online communities
  • What kind of questions should I prepare for?

    What a meta question to bring to our FAQs! We appreciate you trying to be prepared. Here’s a list of questions we might ask you, or the other way around.

    Questions we might ask you:

    • What is your current team set up?
    • Do you have a user waitlist? How big is it?
    • What products are you competing with?
    • Who’s your ideal buyer?
    • Which features do you want to prioritize?
    • Do you have product wireframes?
    • What’s your desired launch date?
    • What are your plans after launch?


    Questions you can ask us:

    • Where do you source developers from?
    • How do you screen your developers?
    • How do I manage developers once they start?
    • What kind of tools can I build with your help?
    • How can I know developers are actually working on my project?
    • What’s a standard budget for what I’m trying to build?

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