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Use the momentum by scaling your team with the best talent on demand as the e-learning industry is witnessing a boom.


 more customers

$10 billion

market size

200 billion

telehealth visits

Overcome the challenges of fast growth

You might experience a number of challenges during the pandemic of COVID-19 that won’t be met by your internal team. No matter if you are building a product from scratch or developing an existent telehealth solution, you need more hands to handle growth.

Software development

Get more developers or full-stack teams on board to speed up the development process. Launch new features and functionalities faster. Enhance security and infrastructure to keep up with a growing number of users and competition.

Customer support

Add up more customer support agents on demand to handle an increasing number of tickets in the times of a growing demand for your product. Don’t keep clients waiting and annoyed – get all tickets resolved within 24h with our trusted agents.


Get more use of SEO, content marketing and manage relationships with media better. With our tried-and-tested marketing partners you will get the necessary know-how and skills to make the most out of the increasing demand for e-learning.

UX & design

Use the help of on-demand UX and UI designers with an experience in the projects similar to yours. Design cutting edge interfaces and dashboards. Reduce churn by making your core product and new features easy to navigate. 

Trustshoring in numbers

>200 tech companies

matched with the best talent

Fortune 500+

companies trust us with projects

5 continents

our clients come from

Cristian stein Humboldt

I needed a partner that I can completely trust, that will deliver good quality code on time and budget. I had previous bad experience with freelancers from China. Trust in the collaboration was the biggest pain point. So far this has been working very well with Trustshoring.

Dr. Christian Stein / Project Leader / Humboldt University


Make progress faster

Avoid a long process of sourcing, interviewing and hiring. Get work done fast with top talent.

Succeed with outsourcing

With our pre-vetting process you avoid outsourcing mistakes and get a perfect team to work with.

Talent you can afford

Get the best talent at considerably lower prices than in your country to scale your product faster.

High-calibre professionals

Work with professionals that have an impressive track record and are experienced at remote work.

Manage remote teams like a pro

We can provide our assistance in making things work remotely for your project if you do it for the first time.

Elastic teams

Modify team size and composition anytime. Switch teams when you need expertise in a different domain.

Stay GDPR-compliant

Get matched with teams and professionals with a jurisdiction within the European Union if needed.

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Chapter 1

Who is this playbook for?

  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. Who is this playbook for?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. Benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. What is the difference between outsourcing, offshoring, nearshoring and outstaffing?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. When outsourcing is better than hiring in-house?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. When outsourcing is a bad idea?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. Main objections about IT outsourcing – should you really paint it black?

Chapter 2

Finding the perfect team

  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to properly describe your project to get the interest of the most talented devs?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. Where is the best place to look for the best tech talent?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to define criteria for the tech vetting process?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to check code quality if you have no tech background?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. What legal aspects are there to account for before starting cooperation?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to bridge cultural depth when working with a tech team in Eastern Europe?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. Choosing tech stack when working with a remote development team: do’s & don’t’s
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. What is the best cooperation model when working with an outsourced tech team (full-service, partially managed, outstaffing)?

Chapter 3

Closing the deal

  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. What payment scheme should you choose with an IT outsourcing agency?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How much does it cost to build a SaaS/Mobile App/Platform?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to negotiate rates with developers?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to reduce development cost?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. NDAs and Contracts with Remote tech teams: what to pay attention to?

Chapter 4

Managing work

  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to kick-off with the outsourced team (new and existing projects)?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to prioritize features the smart way when working with a remote development team?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. Realistic project estimations in IT outsourcing: what to expect?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. Quality assurance (QA) with a remote tech team: what’s the right way to do it?

Chapter 5

Dealing with problems

  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to deal with bugs when working with a remote tech team?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. What are ways to avoid misunderstandings and communication problems?
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. Signing a service level agreement with a remote tech team: how to do it right?

Chapter 6

The right team within a week

  • ShapeCreated with Sketch. How to get started with an outsourced development team right away?

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