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Get matched with tried-and-tested tech agencies and freelance developers whose work success we have tracked over years

We matched 250+ tech companies and institutions with the best tech talent from Eastern Europe

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Make the process of SaaS product development easy

Reduce hassle

Get matched with the teams that have the right skills to resolve your tech challenges. Save time on doing research on job portals and Google – we have it covered for you.

Utilize flexibility

Adjust the team size and composition by adding or reducing tech professionals to fit changing project requirements. Switch between teams when you need expertise in a different technology.

Gain confidence

Get matched with contractors performing successful projects remotely using mature project management practices. Get a feeling of control over the process and full trust to your remote team.

Get guidance and advice throughout the process

No matter if you are a novice in IT outsourcing or have done it before, get all tips and recommendations to make remote software development work.
  • Recommendations on remote project management
  • Help with choosing a technology stack
  • Support during negotiations and signing contracts
  • Tips on generating savings during the development process
  • Support and assistance in case some issues arise
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Get support in outsourcing processes

Unlike freelance portals, we handpick teams which projects we have supervised by ourselves. To join Trustshoring as a partner, teams and freelancers had to work on at a least a few projects we supervised in the past.

Download our Complete Outsourcing Playbook

In this Ebook, we are sharing our unique experience and case studies on finding the best contractors.
  • Learn how to vet highly-skilled tech talent abroad
  • Mitigate the risk of failure when working with remote tech teams
  • Discover the most optimal cooperation form with an outsourced team
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We will help you avoid the mistakes leading to choosing a wrong tech partner

When searching for a tech team to work with, you choose one because you have a good impression about a team, their case studies or reviews.
However, tech agencies often place only the best works in the spotlight, whilst hiding their less successful projects. They even ask clients to give 5+ reviews, or not give any at all.
With the cooperation turning sour, you quickly realize it was a bad choice.
We are not saying all tech teams are bad. It's just the good ones find it hard to cut through information clutter, fighting for your attention with other agencies.
Instead of following a typical approach of tech team sourcing, do it in a smart way. Get matched with teams that don’t need marketing to shine as their work speaks for itself. Get the best tech talent with a spotless reputation which you can trust from day 1.
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Our process

To join “our club” a tech agency has to have a track record of at least 7 successful projects we have supervised by ourselves. Get matched with agencies that have been tested in trenches and will make your project a success.
  • Experience in your business vertical
  • Broad experience at working in your tech stack
  • Positive client reviews we have recorded
  • Mature remote project management
  • Clear communication guidelines
  • High motivation and project ownership
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Initiativeness and a pro-active approach

Get help with product development at every growth stage

  • Developing a new product
  • Improving an existing one

01. Build a prototype

Work with the teams that can build a prototype of your product with a basic set of functionalities to test it with users. Test product hypothesis fast before developing a product.

02. Develop MVP

Get developers to build a minimum viable product with a set of features sufficient to generate value for customers. Launch your MVP and start monetizing your product.

03. Develop a fully functioning product

Work with the best developers with top-notch tech skills to implement your product design vision. If you are developing a SaaS product for the first time, get matched with the teams which can help in both product design process and development.

04. Launch & product maintenance

Launch a product developed according to Lean Methodology from A to Z. Continue working with a team of developers to ensure the product is updated regularly and works smoothly.
Fix rusty software
Work with professional developers to improve the product built before – enhance infrastructure, its security, fix bugs causing your users to complain and lead to churn.
Build new features faster
You competitors are faster than you at shipping features that make users stick? Acquire an advantage by getting a bigger development capacity anytime you need to build features faster.
Support your team
Your team might not have the necessary expertise in a specific technology. Upscale your development with external talent that can teach your team and support them wherever they need more know-how.

Get matched with vetted tech teams or freelancers within 72h.
Let’s talk about your product goals and requirements.

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