How to Outsource Software Development Playbook

Is outsourcing for me?

When is outsourcing useful, and what, if anything, makes it tough?

What can I outsource?

What are some low-hanging fruits for outsourcing in software development?

Where to find developers?

What are some good sources for finding developers and post your job ads?

How to vet developers?

What are the must-have criteria and how to test for that?

What are the cultural differences?

How can Eastern Europeans sometimes be different, and how to deal with that?

How to manage developers?

How can you make sure your team keeps deadlines and builds the right thing?.


Victor Purolnik


A Little Bit About Myself

I spent the last five years figuring out precisely what makes a great outsourced team, even running my own agency in the process.

Instead of wasting months and tens of thousands of dollars on finding a reliable team on your own, I will refer you to a tried & trusted tech team for free.

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