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Humboldt University (University of Berlin) is a public university located in Berlin, Germany. Established in 1810, the university attracted scientists such as Albert Einstein, Emil Fischer, Max Planck and Fritz Haberthe in order to perform their scientific investigations there. Ranked one of the best universities in Germany, its academic units attract international students from all over the world.


Bringing lecturers & students closer

Excellence Cluster (Image Knowledge Gestaltung) within The Humboldt University set on track to build a learning management system for an interdisciplinary course, Open Design, dedicated for both German and international students. The goal was to build a tool to keep both lecturers and students engaged with the course – by providing information about teaching progress, exchanging learning materials and facilitating communication between a lecturer and their students. 

Outsourcing tech instead of hiring in-house

As the Excellence Cluster looked to implement the project concept developed by its research staff, they decided to outsource web development to a tech agency. The Project Leader started considering both tech teams based in Germany and abroad.

Finding a trusted tech partner who delivers

Having had a bad experience of working with freelancers in the past, the Client looked for someone who would deliver, take ownership of the project, and maintain good communication with the university project team.

Working with the best tech talent on multidisciplinary projects

The university cooperates on the project basis with its tech partners, often running several research projects simultaneously. As these projects require different tech skills and specializations, the Client also looked to engage with tech partners that would suit the project scope the best.  


Getting matched with a pre-vetted tech agency within 2 weeks

Having not found any suitable tech agency in Germany, the Project Leader looked for other options. He approached Trustshoring to get recommendations for a pre-vetted team from Eastern Europe and perform the first nearshoring project. After the matching process and having approved the team composition, the Client started working on the project. 

The core point was communication. We used Slack for informal quick communication, tracked issues with Gitlab & Jira, and had occasional calls to go through open questions. The team’s responsiveness was great. 


Dr. Christian Stein, Project Leader, Humboldt University

Cristian stein Humboldt

I needed a partner that I can completely trust, that will deliver good quality code on time and budget. I had previous bad experience with freelancers from China. Trust in the collaboration was the biggest pain point. So far this has been working very well with Trustshoring.

Dr. Christian Stein / Project Leader / Humboldt University

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