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Finding reliable software developers doesn’t have to be complicated


Finding skilled, reliable, and cost-effective remote software developers is demanding. 

Working with inexperienced developers can significantly delay the software development process of your business.

And without in-house technical leadership, it is challenging to vet and keep software developers accountable.

We can help you access highly skilled, reliable remote software developers from Eastern Europe with the right experience for your business needs so you can launch or scale your business faster.

Our Software Development Services

Custom Software Development

We match you to a reliable software development company that will manage all your business needs with experience in your particular domain

Remote Software Developers

Hire dedicated remote software developers you can trust with your product development and scaling

Software Development Consulting

Get expert advice on all your software development challenges, from MVP design to a full-scale app launch

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Individualized approach

We work to understand your unique business needs so that we c...

Individualized approach

We work to understand your unique business needs so that we can tailor our software development solution and offer ongoing expert advice.

Access highly experienced software developers

We have a team of talented remote software developers from Ea...

Access highly experienced software developers

We have a team of talented remote software developers from Eastern Europe with a proven track record of launching and scaling projects remotely

Ability to scale your business faster

Our team will help you reach product market fit and scale you...

Ability to scale your business faster

Our team will help you reach product market fit and scale your business faster

What do our clients say?

“I was very impressed with Trustshoring’s services. Victor was very thorough when going through my project requirements. The research he did for my project was the part that I was most impressed with. I could tell the analysis that he did was very thorough. Also, the fact that he thought through some of the roadblocks that my application would have beforehand was very helpful. He was upfront about the Gmail API issue and even talked to one of his acquaintances that went through a similar problem to find a solution for this. Overall, I would give my Trustshoring experience a 10/10. The service quality is something that I would have paid for, and even then, I would consider it a great experience even as a paid service as well.”

Ryan Suresh
Founder of PremiumCare

“ Not only would they own the mistakes that happened, but they would also try and fix them as quickly as possible. They would come back to me with options to prevent those errors from occurring again”

Matthew Molter
Founder & CEO of Agency 360

“They helped us to fire-and-forget most of the engineering tasks, and because of their self-sufficient decision-making, the product team could focus on building a roadmap, interviewing customers, and solving vital subjects rather than validating engineering tasks.”

Idan Yalovich
Former Zest Founder and CEO

“The software they built has no issue at all. The only issue has been from third-party integration, but the developers are responsive and get the bugs fixed promptly.”

Anthony Joiner
Founder at Blooksy

“Once we met the new team of developers. We were able to release a whole new product and do that in six months, compared to three years of development in the old system”

Mike Sanders
Product Manager, Business Analyst at CenterPoint

Victor and his team presented us with a couple of great agencies of which we eventually picked the one we are now working with. The process was really fast and seamless, and we could not be happier with the results – thank you Victor & the team at Trustshoring!

Matthes Dohmeyer
Founder & Managing Director of Truffls GmbH

As a non-technical founder, my experience before Victor was that dev houses all looked and sounded the same. So my decision making criteria was largely based on price and who I had a better conversation with.

Victor was able to clearly explain the differences between dev houses and dive deep into the nuances of the pros and cons of working with the different partners in his network. His matching process has created a feeling of confidence in clarity in choosing a dev shop.

C.J. Easter
Founder and CEO of FitTRAC Coaching

Victor and his team are second to none when it comes to helping us source the affordable talent we need to help grow our business. The most important factor in these kinds of relationships, establishing trust and maintaining it through timely, appropriate and proactive communication really could not be done any better than they do it at Trustshoring. The team knows when and how to communicate and is responsive, open, friendly and thorough throughout the process.

Nathan Stults
CEO of FlowXO

Originally I read about Victor & Trustshoring late 2021 on a developers Blog and later on a YT channel. I liked that Victor challenge me on why i needed a technical resource first while i was still developing high -level product MVP. That teak was the right one. He connected me with a solid Product Manager that was experience enough and flexible enough to help me finalize the first Product roadmap. I’m thankful because of that. Trustshoring is about connecting and introducing people to work together plain and simple. His team moves fast and efficiently. No question.

Raul F. Garcia
Founder/Managing Partner at LegalCyberx.com

We started working with Victor two years ago and we have been working ever since.
Especially Victors strategic understanding of the needs and wants of his clients without deep diving into technical specifications is a real asset – especially if the clients are not engineers themselves.
Look forward developing more product in the future.

Andrés Lauer
Founder of Five Vectors

If you’re looking to find the right development talent for your project then Victor is your guy. Throughout the entire process of matching us with the right dev talent it was clear to me that Victor’s primary concern was finding the right solution for our unique business problem and circumstance. He took more into account than just the technical requirements needed for the project, he understood the business application and what we are trying to build in the long-run

Aaron Gattinoni
Growth Consultant at Market8

It is a pleasure to be collaborating with Victor. He connected me with some great programming hubs that helped us scale our product. Victor speaks multiple languages fluently, which makes communication incredibly easy and quick. Whenever there is an issue, he is ready to jump on a call to resolve the question at hand. Knowledgable, great network, professional.
Thanks for our work this far and to more projects to come, Victor!

Carolin Krings
Digital Product Manager at Underdock Departments GmbH

Victor did a wonderful job with assisting us to find a skilled and fitting developer for the prototype of our software. He understood our goals fast, asked the right questions, made helpful recommendations and was always of very big assistance in every part of the project. Communications are always very fast and friendly. A clear recommendation!

Christian Stein
Co-Head gamelab.berlin bei Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

These guys saved the day. I needed a team of skilled developers fast to save a project. Victor and his team put me in touch with developers who were amazing. They’ve been professional and incredibly skilled getting tasks done faster than I had planned for. If you’ve been on the fence about offshoring your development b/c of hearing horror stories, these guys are exceptional and I highly recommend them.

Joshua Waldman
Managing General Partner at Inturact Capital

Victor is fast, precise and charming. Through a well structured process he found us a team that was transparent and effective. He has (as a former developer) a great expertise in the field of IT and also remarkable skills in the fields of project management and communication. We were entirely satisfied with the results of the team he recommended.

Thomas Lilge
Project Manager at Humboldt University of Berlin

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