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How to hire PHP developers with Trustshoring?

You hassle free path to reliable developers

  • Share your business requirements.

    Share your business requirements.

    Talk to our CEO about your exact needs, product specifics, and team dynamics. The more we know at this step, the better the future match will be.
  • We select and present the right fit for you business.

    We select and present the right fit for you business.

    Based on the interview, we will shortlist PHP Developers best suited for your needs. Depending on the service (Agency Мatching, IT Recruiting) the process may slightly differ.
  • Hire and onboard your PHP developers.

    Hire and onboard your PHP developers.

    You start your work on the project and we take care of all payments, reporting, and other paperwork.
  • Ongoing support

    Ongoing support

    We’re available whenever you have questions, run into issues, or need to re-evaluate your choice because of changed demands.

Мore than 250 companies trusted us to build their software development teams

Why choose Trusthoring as your PHP developer provider?

  • Get skilled and tested developers

    • We only make recommendations from a pool of teams and professionals that we have already worked with on live projects.
    • We never use algorithms or any unvetted long lists
    • We take into account not only tech requirements but also understanding of business application to find a perfect match
    Get skilled and tested developers
  • Save time on selecting programming partners

    • 30 min intro call to understand what the client needs
    • 72 hours for matching with the top development partners
    • Fast replies, immediate reaction and availability when necessary
    Save time on selecting programming partners
  • Benefit from ultimate business support

    • Payments, legal and admin taken care of and united under one invoice per month
    • Attention to detail and ready to assist on almost anything
    • Helpful recommendations on many aspects of outsourcing and working with remote teams, as well as provide structured toolkits to SaaS Founders
    • Bespoke and strategic business advices with an effortless experience
    Benefit from ultimate business support

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  • Agency Мatching

    Hire a full-service agency specialized in PHP development for your project

  • IT Recruiting

    Hire dedicated remote PHP developers to become valuable long-term additions to your team

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How To Hire PHP Developers?

How to Hire PHP Developers? Key facts, tips, skills, and questions you should answer before the start

Using a PHP programming language for your project may be a winning strategy for your whole business.

  • There are almost 6 million PHP programmers in the world. The bigger the community – the more chances to hire a talented developer.

  • Almost 80% of all websites are built in PHP. The language has powerful support from contributors.

  • PHP belongs to the top six most popular programming languages and technologies, which makes it a perfect choice for your project.

  • PHP is the basis of thousands of online platforms, including Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and Slack.

With us, you can hire skilled PHP developers and add your product to the leaders’ list.

Hiring PHP developers: what is your case?

Before diving into the hiring hussle, answer these two questions and clarify your goals for PHP web development..

Are you starting a PHP project from scratch?

Typically, we recommend hiring 1-2 PHP developers for an MVP development, and then extend the team with 3-6 PHP engineers to upgrade the initial product to a full-feature solution. A flexible hiring model will help you achieve your goals but also not to spend too much of the budget on that.

Would you like to augment an existing PHP team?

You can tell us about your needs and we will come up with the suggestion of the optimized dedicated team size and composition. Trustshoring helps companies worldwide hire as many PHP developers as they need at the particular stage of their business growth.

Top PHP experts for your project: who exactly do you need?

After defining project needs and your expectations, you can focus on a PHP engineer with specific set of skills and expertise:
Back-end PHP engineers are proficient in development of the app’s server side, architecture and logic.
PHP team leaders supervise, mentor and lead the entire development team on your application in PHP.
Full-stack PHP developers are experienced in both PHP and user interface development using JavaScript and its frameworks.

5 tips to hire skilled PHP coders

How to hire PHP web developers in a smooth, simple and swift way? Implement these five strategies and hire better specialists, faster.

1. Define your expectations
PHP is a powerful tool that serves the needs of both young startups and established enterprises. The aforementioned blocks may help you define your own goals and priorities as well as project’s requirements to hire dedicated PHP developers in your team.

2. Talk to your team
Do you already work with a team of PHP experts? Or do you have at least one back-end engineer in an existing team? Ask them about projects’ needs and future tasks for a new team mate

3. Create the candidate’s profile
And build up the PHP developer job description. If you can see a future portrait of a person to hire, their hard and soft skills, education and even life objectives and priorities, this may help you a lot.

4. Consider the best CVs
As your recruitment partner selects profiles of the most skilled dedicated PHP developers and presents them to you, devote time to consider all of them. Even the very first impression from CV may impact the success of your mission.

5. Meet people in person
Get acquainted with talents who will boost your team and empower your project. Before a job offer, set up meetings with candidates you find the most interesting, and talk to them in person. Pay attention not only to hard skills but also to communication skills, behavior patterns, soft skills, and even mood and sense of humor.

These simple tips can take you right to the perfect hire.

Remember that a unique development project means a unique process. It is critical to optimize, modify and implement the tried and tested tips in the PHP developers hiring process to satisfy your specific wishes, needs and project requirements.

PHP development: covering all major areas and industries

What tasks and projects PHP developers may help you with?
PHP is a high-level programming language for creating powerful server sides of web applications.

Engineers can build products of any complexity or type using PHP technology:

– Minimum viable projects to start raising funds for your company;
– Landing pages to present your idea to a target audience;
– Cross-browser apps that run on any type of device, OS, or browser;
– Application programming interfaces to connect to any type of app.
– PHP developers will help you launch an error-free product for any purpose and any industry:
– eCommerce websites
– SaaS products
– Social media apps
– Online messengers
– Traveling and hospitality products
– On-demand platforms

Haven’t found a needed product on a list? No worries. We will match you with developers experienced in your particular domain.

The Most Appreciated Expertise of PHP Developers

It is significant to hire PHP programmers with strong hard and soft skills, as well as a deep background in all of the required technologies.
Here, we present the list of hard skills you may want your PHP teammates to demonstrate:

PHP frameworks

Years of experience with Laravel, Yii, Phalcon, Symfony, Zend, any other popular PHP framework or Magento development platform not only look attractive on the CV but may also be extremely useful for your complex projects.


The CMS-based solutions are easy to develop and maintain. A PHP coder with WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal experience may be a perfect candidate for your project.

eCommerce platforms

WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Shopify are only some of the top platforms for accelerated eCommerce solutions development. If you operate in the eCommerce domain, it is preferable for your candidates to have experience with one or more of these platforms.


MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Oracle or MongoDB skills are a must for every PHP developer.

Front-end development tools

PHP and Vue.js is a tried and tested combination for single page applications development. If you are looking for a PHP developer skilled in front-end technologies, you may want to check if the person has experience working with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, jQuery and other modern JS frameworks.


  • Where to find PHP developers?

    You can meet PHP developers at offline events, conferences or meetups, or find them online on Linkedin on Upwork. However, if you focus on building a reliable long-term partnership, contact Trustshoring and we will provide you with CVs of PHP developers who have proven experience and spotless reputation.

  • How to hire the best PHP developers?

    Just define your requirements and tell us who you are looking for. We take over all the rest! In a few days, you will talk to your future team mates.

  • How to choose PHP developers?
    1. Get reliable recommendation of a PHP developer
    2. Study their CVs carefully and find out if their hard skills matches your requirements 
    3. Make sure they have experience in your industry or business domain
    4. Talk to a person and make sure you feel comfortable to communicate to them
    5. Set a trial period to ensure you’ve made the right choice
  • How to hire PHP developers in one week?

    Set up a call with Trustshoring CEO Victor Purolnik. After your conversation, it takes us up to 72 hours to match you with a skilled PHP development agency or the best PHP talents. No worries, hussles, or hidden costs.

  • How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer?

    If you hire a PHP developer in the US or UK, it may cost you up to $200 to pay for PHP development services.

    If you delegate your tasks to PHP developers located in the Eastern Europe and Latin America, companies will charge you around $50-70 per hour for professional PHP developer’s services. 

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