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Build, launch and improve user-focused digital products with a reliable custom software development team.
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Work with us if you need to:

  • Develop an МVP

    Understand the leanest way to go to the target market with your idea, goals, plans and budget, and get matched to a reliable custom software development company.

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  • Extend an Existing Team

    Level up your custom software development process and build quality apps your clients will love by hiring reliable and experienced custom software developers.

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  • Scale Your Software

    Hire for capabilities you might not have in-house: turn your web product into a mobile app, utilize AI and machine learning technologies, get ready for Web3 and so much more!

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Our process

Your hassle-free path to find a reliable custom software development company

Project Discovery Call

In-depth analysis of your project, company, established development process, as well as evaluation of skills you have available in-house and those you may need to enhance your team.

Software Agency Мatching

Trustshoring matches you to a reliable custom software development company from our pre-vetted, hand-picked network of specialized agencies, and makes sure they are available and interested.

Then, we present a selection of agencies to you and carefully analyze each option.

Introduction Call with a Company

We schedule an intro call with every company you’d like to speak to in order to get to know each other and decide on the best future custom software development partner.

Continuous Support

Our work isn’t over once you start working with custom software developers. We’re available whenever you have questions, run into issues, or need to re-evaluate your choice because of changing demands or priorities.

When do you need to hire a custom software development team?

  • You are unsure where and how to find reliable and professional software developers
  • You had false starts with unreliable custom development team
  • You are tired of fire fighting, missed deadlines, reopening tickets and bugs
  • You don’t want to spend weeks or months to look for, vet and negotiate with development companies
  • You feel a lack of in-house tech leadership


  • Which countries are you sourcing from?

    We look for custom software developers within Eastern Europe, mostly Ukraine and Poland, as well as multiple other countries worldwide.

  • Do I work with custom software development company directly, or through Trustshoring?

    You work directly with a company we match you with. We don’t want to be another middleman.
    However, some freelancers and agencies choose to do payments and contracts through us, as we have a proven contracts and international payment process which makes transfers easier and cheaper.

  • How do you vet selected companies?

    We’ve taken vetting to another level: we mostly match you to companies we’ve worked with before, either ourselves or through client projects.
    This way, we deeply understand their strengths, specifics, expertise, workflow, and can match you to the company that fully meets your expectations.

  • How fast can you find a company?

    Typically, we’re ready to present you your perfect match within three work days after our discovery call.

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