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Finding a team to build an MVP in six months
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17 Sep 2020

Finding a team to build an MVP in six months


About the client

WorkClub helps remote individuals to book workspaces, including coworking spaces, offices and meeting rooms, in various locations and on-demand.


1. Launching a product in six months

The client wanted to accelerate the pace of work to design and develop a fully functioning product within six months. The process of selecting the agency was approached in a meticulous and detailed way. Once the cooperation started, design and development had to move at a fast pace.

2. Bridging business and tech requirements

The client already had skills in product design and development. They looked for a product design team that would help define business requirements and help a tech team to develop the product according to lean methodology.

3. Maintaining seamless communication

The chosen team had to maintain constant contact with the client, understand the strategy and develop business requirements in line with the client’s product vision. The team had to have a grasp of remote work tools and remote collaboration processes.

4. Finding a trusted outsourcing partner

The client was not ready to build his own team of developers at that time, having other priorities than extending the team. He looked for a tech team to build a scalable product infrastructure for easy maintenance and future development once the decision was made to internalise tech.


1. Handpicking three tech agencies

Three tried-and-tested product design teams that had performed multiple successful projects remotely were proposed. After holding interviews with all of them the client picked the one of his choice and started working on the project.

2. Switching teams at a later stage

The client picked a design team with a strong portfolio that redefined the existing software, concept, user flows, value proposition and created a new improved product. The development was outsourced to a tech team with a different skill set and strong expertise in a chosen technology stack.

3. Developing a scalable infrastructure

The team we recommended to the client developed a product infrastructure that was easy to understand, maintain and develop in the future once the client decided to build a tech team in-house.


The design team built a product prototype that received positive feedback from users, and developed business requirements for the product. The design process took three months from the start of the cooperation. Another three months were devoted to developing a product that was completed according to the client’s timeframes.

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