How does Trustshoring work?

Victor Purolnik
14 Sep 2020 | 5 min read

As a founder, CTO or product manager of a software startup at any stage, you are wearing many hats. Every day you are tackling challenges ranging from product and tech over marketing to operations.

In order to launch, gain traction or scale, you need to juggle many tasks and delegate even more.

In order to launch, gain traction or scale, you need to juggle many tasks and delegate even more.

Sometimes you are lacking knowledge and need advice and guidance.

Whether you just need a few more hands on deck or someone to come in with a proven strategy, we at Trustshoring help you quickly by matching you to trusted, proven vendors in many areas to help you launch and scale your businessSometimes you are lacking knowledge and need advice and guidance.

Get Up and Running fast

Speed makes and breaks the progress in a startup. In our fast-paced economy, launching tomorrow vs. launching in three month can make a huge difference.

Getting things done is the name of the game. Between a founder who is struggling to understand their next steps, barely able to develop a clear strategy for the challenges ahead, and with even less time left to execute the actions necessary to bring their business to the next level, and a founder who has clear goals, a set path to success, and a team of specialist advisors, doers and makers on their side, who do you think will make the race?

That’s what we do at Trustshoring. We are the network of proven experts, makers and doers you can bring on to solve any challenge ahead – whether in tech, product, marketing or operations.

Trustshoring found a really easy to manage, quick and fun tech team we’re working with on a continuous basis now – great experience! Thank you very much! Mirko Schneider Product Owner, Intermate

Our Process

So how does this work, exactly? How does Trustshoring help you launch and scale software businesses?

Think of us as problem solvers and master connectors.

You need to hire a remote senior software developer? Let us find you one. You need a kickass graphics designer? We got you covered. Scaling customer support? We know who can help you. The list goes on and on.

And because we’re hooked on the beautiful region of Eastern Europe, our contractors won’t break your bank either. Amazing, huh?

Whenever you have a problem that needs solving, we follow our proven process:

  1. Discovery: you get on a discovery call with us, where we take a deep-dive into your challenge and make helpful suggestions
  2. Matching: we scout our network of proven and trusted professionals contractors and hand-pick your perfect match – you don’t need to waste any time sifting through job boards or freelancer portals!
  3. Presenting: We present you our top picks during a next call and explain why we think they’re a fit for you
  4. Connecting: we connect you to one or more contractors, and you can take it from there

And that’s it – you’re ready to start working with great talents to grow your business!



Don’t like job boards or freelancer portals?

You’d love to hire or bring on a professional to help in your business but shiver thinking of the process? Do you despair writing RFPs, posting them on freelancer portals, searching and inviting promising members, sifting through dozens of profiles, chatting to dozens of potential candidates only to find out they’re not a fit? Are you afraid of fake reviews, stolen portfolios and untrustworthy contractors? At Trustshoring, we only match to tried & trusted contractors whom we hand-pick for you and whom we can personally recommend.

Trustshoring did a wonderful job assisting us to find a skilled and fitting developer for the prototype of our software. They understood our goals fast, asked the right questions, made helpful recommendations and were always of very big assistance in every part of the project. Communications are always very fast and friendly. A clear recommendation! Christian Stein Project Leader, Humboldt University

Challenges We Help You With

1. Tech & Product

  • Hiring full-time remote developers, designers, product managers and QA engineers, or even opening your off-shored product office
  • Hiring freelancers or an agency to build and grow your product, parts of it or integrations, and bring their process and know-how to the table
  • Hiring UI/UX specialists to perform audits and improve use flows or set up clickable prototypes
  • …and much more!

2. Marketing

  • Launching, relaunching or redesigning your marketing website on WordPress or another CMS
  • SEO-optimizing your marketing website and speed
  • Setting up and running PPC marketing campaigns
  • Setting up and optimizing funnels and email marketing campaigns
  • …and much more!

3. Operations

  • Scale customer support with remote support agents across timezones in various languages
  • Hire virtual assistants to help with your administrative work
  • Generate prospect lists through extensive manual research
  • …and much more!

Get Started Today

Get matched to remote professionals within 72h

Wish you could add more features, fix more bugs, do more marketing, handle more customers today?

Don’t wait any longer and let us help you scale.

Get on a free discovery call and we’ll take the time to personally assess your situation and show you how we can help you reach your goals.


It’s great to work with Trustshoring! I used to have to sift through dozens of low quality freelancers on upwork until I found one halfway decent one. Trustshoring found the perfect match for our company’s needs immediately. Menachem Pritzker Director of Growth at IT Central Station

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